Hey friends,

So we’re playing out for the first time in 4 months next week…

We’re playing Harpers Ferry on Thursday 12/6…should be a sweet night of music.

The next night (Fri 12/6), we’re in NYC at OS Arthouse, a new venue.

SO, we made these hoodies last year which are pretty sweet.  They’re really good quality and we think the design we put on them ain’t so bad either.

It’s starting to get cold and we want to get more of these things onto peoples’ bodies.  We’ll be selling them for $8 at our show next week (normally $20).  You probably couldn’t get a blank hoodie of this quality for $8.

Here they are:

If you buy one at the show, we’ll give you a free CD too.  And a hug.

We’re on at 10:30, so please put it in your social calendar!


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