North Cackalacky!


We had quite a time in wonderful North Cackalacky.  We rolled in on Thursday and hung out with Brendan from Mingus Young.  Since it was the first REAL warm weather we’ve had, we immediately drove down to the basketball courts to shoot some hoops, which was a blast. 

We had the night off, so Brendan showed us around town a little bit.  Quite a cool scene going on in Chapel Hill.  There’s obviously the huge UNC contingent but also a thriving indie rock scene.  We ate our body’s weight in BBQ before heading out on the town.  It was spring break and a Thursday night, so not the busiest of nights, but we checked out Hell (sweet bar with BIG TVs showing b-ball, air hockey, pool tables, and some avant garde art hangin’ around).  Then we headed over to Revolution, which ALSO had a massive projection screen TV, showing the end of the UNC game, to the cheers of the patrons.  This place had huge high ceilings and sometimes has bands.  The last place we went was smaller and more rustic, if that makes any sense.  The bar was made of this weird brass with puncture holes in it.  I took a picture with my phone of that and the gargoyle chess set at the end of the bar.

Friday rolled around and it was cold and rainy (nothing like what happened up in Boston that Friday, but still…)  We basically hung around and caught up on some work and watched a couple flicks.  Stranger than Fiction with Will Farrell.  Good stuff, had a little Lost in Translation and Royal Tannenbaum feel to it.  Then we checked out A Scanner Darkly.  Trippy flick but a great place to let your mind wander for a while.  Once that was over, our brains were sort of mush and we realized we were sort of late for our show at the Cave.

The Cave was a great long thin bar with an area for bands at the end.  It was in the basement and the ceiling was morphed to look like a cave ceiling, hence, THE CAVE.  We thought we might be a little loud for such a small room, so we tried to keep it somewhat quiet and play our mellower stuff.  Don’t Mind Me and Make My Day were featured in this set.  During 2 or 3 songs, a random black dog ran up to the stage and barked at us.  We couldn’t tell if they were barks of approval or disgust.  We had a chat with Scruffy after the set, and it turns out he loved it and dogs can’t really clap or cheer, all they can really do is bark.  Mingus Young played their 1 year anniversary show after us, and sounded sweet as usual.  Met some cool people at the Cave and then headed back to Brendan’s place and hung out with Chief, a killer artist.  He told us that the baby he’s going to have in the near future, if it’s a girl, will have a wonderfully delicate name:  Seville.  Isn’t that pretty?  But if it’s a boy:  BUSTER BAXTER.  I think his last name is Broski or something too.  I can just picture it, “BUSTER BAXTER BROSKI, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!”

Another day of hangin’ around on Saturday.  Cracker and I tried to find the tattoo shop, which we did, but they didn’t take walk-ins.  We hit up a vintage clothing shop and I replaced my sunglasses and ISIS hoodie, both of which I lost somewhere on this tour.  If anyone out there has either, (I’m thinking BEN in DC), please let me know. 

That night we drove down to Fayetteville (otherwise known as Fayettenam by other local NC’ers).  It’s right next to Fort Bragg, so it’s a military town.  Upon arriving, the outside of the Rock Shop looked a bit sketchy.  But once we met Shawn,  the owner/booker, and got inside, we realized this was a cool joint.  We could already tell this was probably going to be a night of metal bands, which sometimes we can hang with.  So for this night, we brought out our heavier songs, and just played everything a little louder with a little more gain.  The front half of the stage was made of hard clear plastic, and they had lights underneath, which made for a total Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean moment for me and Dids up front.  We pretty much killed it this set and won over the more metalheadish crowd.  I’ve got a FANTASTIC Didsbury rant on video from right before our set.  Can’t wait to get that in a video blog.

After our set, we found out the opening band, Timid, from Virginia recorded up in Boston with the same guy who mixed our album, Taylor Barefoot.  Weird small world.  Timid also liked to pronounce their name in the way Timmy says his name on South Park.  “Timid!”  We hung around the venue for the rest of the night, met some crazy people who bought like 10 wristbands (see pictures), Ben moshed during the uber metal band, the band after us all wore masks, were called Shmegma, and had a lot of songs about poo.  All in all, a good night.

Sunday, we rolled back to the TRIANGLE area (which is Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham for those of you who don’t know).  I hopped out in Raleigh at my good buddies’ Pete and Heather’s house.  What a SWEET place these guys have.  They have COLUMNS on the front of their house, Gadzoooks!

We played at the Broad St Cafe that night with Brendan and Phil of Mingus Young.  Brendan hopped in with us on violin both this night and the Friday past on Mist of Crystals.  It added a little strawberry frosting on an already tasty cake.  (Brendan, you can thank me later for referring to you as strawberry frosting)  It was a Sunday night, and in the bible belt, a little slower than most nights, but we still enjoyed ourselves. 

Monday night was at The Pour House Music Hall.  Brendan played an acoustic set of his solo stuff, which was great.  Some of the songs he’d never played live before, so it was a great opportunity.  The Pour House had a sick sound system but we had to bring our own PA and speakers.  Turned out we only had one mic and a broken mic stand, so we went ghetto-style and duct-taped the mic to the stand and shared the mic several times.  That’s pretty much the closest I want me and Dids faces to ever get.  Powdercake, an all-girl pop-power-punk band started things off with a bang.  I really liked the singer’s voice, reminded me a little of a more punky Sinead O’Connor.  The Three Christs played next and their brand of 3 minute punk songs, the guitarist’s auctioneer voice, the “dirty 2nd grade teacher” look of the bassist, and the “one two three four!” shouts of the drummer made for a highly engaging set. 

We played last and everyone stuck around to hoot and holler.  Heather and Sonya shook their asses during My Prerogative.  Brendan forgot his violin but played guitar on Mist of Crystals.  All in all, a night that looked doomed from the start turned out to be super fun.

Our Tuesday Atlanta show got cancelled and we realized that driving to Atlanta one day and then to Gainesville the next day was a bit out of our way, so we drove a hot 8.5 hours to Gainesville on Tuesday.  Got in the car around 1:30pm, got out around 11:30pm.  Good times.  Currently chilling in Lara’s empty house in G’ville.  Thanks Lara!  Go Gators!

Mr. Bojangles! 

-Andy (with Dids & Cracker)


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