The Jers

Holy Cow, we’re getting our Jers on.


Last night kicked off a 3 day romp through the land of… well… everything… farmland and ghettos, snowboarding and skateboarding, strip malls and lush forests, mountains and plains, Death Stars and Rebel Bases.


We began our voyage in Hoboken, birthplace of Frank Sinatra, commonly mistaken as a little slice of NYC, but truly as Jersey as anywhere else in the Garden State. The venue was The Whisky Bar, which sported a great room for music, great sound system and a friendly crowd. Our set was sandwiched between a British import and a Phish leftover. We brought the ruckus on the stage and caught up with some friends off the stage and managed to make some new ones in the process. Great night, especially for a Wednesday and that’s just the beginning.


Tonight, we’re entering the heart of darkness, Asbury Park, famously “the Boss” country. We’ll be playing at Asbury Lanes, and yes, it’s a functional bowling alley. Word on the street is that its $5 to bowl all night and the stage is actually between the lanes. I also hear that they have a projector playing old country westerns on the wall at all times, The beer is cold and cheap and the peeps are friendly. If you live anywhere in the greater NJ area this is not a venue to be missed. Many thanks to our friend Michael of the Thunder Kids for negotiating this show. The Kids will be playing with us tonight along with Meets West and Chemtrail. BOOYEAH!!!


On a sadder note, The third night of The Jers Trilogy has been temporarily cancelled. The house party we were supposed to play tomorrow in New Brunswick was cancelled when the hosts realized that they were, in fact, without home.  If you were planning on visiting that show, stay tuned, we’re resourceful little devils and we’ve got a couple make up venues in the works.


Stay legendary,




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