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So here is our first transmission from the road. We’ve been holing up in our buddy Doc Rule’s apartement on the upper west side since Sunday and we’ve got another night to go. So far, we’ve had three shows, Boston, Manhattan and Brooklyn and we’re off to Hoboken tonight. Thanks to every one who showed up to our send off show in Boston on Friday, we had a great time and saw some really amazing bands. On Sunday we gathered all our gear and had our friend Caroline there to help us on our way to NYC. We are still getting used to the trailer, but its been remarkably easy to maneuver through NYC with it. We had low expectations for our show at Arlene’s grocery last Sunday and had a very pleasant surprise with the turn out. The room was quiet at the beginning, but half way through the show the room was filling up and we saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. Afterwards, the band plus Caroline and Rule headed back to the apartment to give me a celebratory Mohawk. Best idea we’ve had in a while. Thanks Caroline for keeping the Hawk strait despite the tequila. We were in Brooklyn on Monday and met up with some great bands. Motel Motel definitely blew us away.  The free pizza at Lizard Lounge afterwards was OH so tasty but came back to haunt us the next morning.  Dids had the one-day avian bird flu yesterday on our day off but a good night sleep, 2 bottles of Nyquil, and a foot massage from a vagrant has gotten him back to vertical.


Here’s some pictures from Trash Bar in Brooklyn:  CLICK HERE!

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